5 Things to Know When Choosing Your Children’s Clothes

The clothes we choose for our children usually reflect our own style. After all, a few children want or know how to pick out their clothes for themselves (unless it’s a shirt that has their favorite cartoon character on it).

Not all colors fit all children equally, and you’ll learn this if you have more children

When choosing our kid’s clothes we mostly look for pieces that make them look cute and comfortable. But those are not the only criteria when choosing the clothes. The more you shop, the better your taste and choice will be. You’ll find more stores like ModerneChild that offer just the right clothes for your precious ones and be able to choose higher quality pieces.
Here are some things you should know if you’re new to the world of choosing the clothes for your kids.

Choose a Color Scheme

Not all colors fit all children equally, and you’ll learn this if you have more children. One color scheme may look good on your older child, but not so much on your younger one. The best way to pick the clothes for your child is to choose a color scheme and stick to it. The red, white and blue is a great combination for both boys and girls and sticking to clothes in these hues will make it easier to make clothing combinations.

Choose Durable Fabrics

If you plan on having your clothes pass down from your older child to your younger one, you have to pay attention to the fabrics you choose. Make sure to find clothes that are going to look good after years of the whole washing, drying and getting dirty cycle.

You’ll find that synthetics, especially those used in T-shirts don’t look the same after a couple of washes, so if you buy these materials be prepared to discard those clothes fairly quickly. Instead, go for quality non-stretch cotton clothes that look good even after years of washing and ironing.

Rethink the Size

Size is the thing that often eludes most parents. Even if you are positive you child wears a particular size, you might still get disappointed if the clothes you picked don’t fit. If you’re buying clothes online, make sure to double-check the size chart (the website should have one provided).

Just to be safe, make sure to ask the store what their return policy is, in case the clothes don’t fit. Most stores, both online and offline, offer at least a 2-week window during which you can replace the items if they don’t fit.

If you’re not sure about your kid’s size, it’s always better to go for an item size larger. At least that way they will be able to wear them when they grow a little (which will happen sooner than you think).

Go for Classic Patterns and Shapes

Try not to pick clothes that are too trendy, as it has been proven time and time again that they don’t age well. Instead go for classic patterns and shapes like stripes, bows or polka dots. Of course, if there’s a particular pattern they seem to like, indulge them by all means. Which leads us to the next item.

Let Them Choose

If you kids want to express themselves at an early age and want to get involved in picking their clothes, don’t stand in their way. Shopping for clothes with your kids can be incredibly fun and you can help shape their taste at a young age. Ask them what type of clothes they enjoy wearing the most: is it a denim skirt or comfy pants? Do they prefer sweaters or hoodies? By choosing their own clothes, your kids will be happy and you’ll know they always have something nice to wear.