Avoiding and fade skin blemishes by waxing

Care to prevent staining of the skin hair removal

The hot waxing is one of the methods used by women to remove unwanted hair. It is one of the most effective because we forget the hair for a few days and then grows soft and weak; making it easy to return to removal.

Despite being an excellent results, undertakes hot wax the surface layer of the skin , leaving it more susceptible to the sun’s rays, which can easily cause stains. Other hot stimuli such as shower can generate the same effect on the skin.

Care to prevent staining of the skin hair removal
To avoid this you should not sunbathe before or after waxing. If you’re tanned, wait for the color to fade for use depilatory wax. After shaving, you should avoid any heat stimulus in the area.
During the first days after use wax products do not use cosmetics with alcohol, not including deodorants. Acid drugs should not be used in before and after epilation week.

To prevent folliculitis and exfoliate the waxed area you can massage with almond oil and sugar. It will leave your skin smooth, moisturized and also prevent stains.

Lightens and fades spots already acquired using natural products such as the lemon , but assumptions recommendations. You also need to continue protecting the affected sunscreen for a few months until the skin gradually returns to its original color area.