Bob Long, the style of haircut which imposes this 2012

Cut Long Bob – Bob Long, a trend that is steadily imposed on hair for this 2012, and many celebrities are the ones that have added to this proposal of the most famous stylists.

Bob Long, the style of haircut which imposes this 2012 2

But in addition it is trend, cutting long bob is beneficial for several reasons such as: is timeless, allows various hairstyles loose or collected and no monthly maintenance needs such as the traditional bob.



The Long Bob is looking like a special court has been for months because it is structured or dramatic, but light-hearted and edgy. It’s a style that brings endless possibilities when it comes to styling, you can take it with waves, stripes on the side and in the center, as well as offering tips textured messy this effect has been that both the red carpet.


The long bob is neither long nor short cut, which has a certain length, must not exceed the clavicle but neither reach above the neck. It’s a very feminine hairstyle, easy to carry because of the variety of options it offers and is ideal for women who do not like to spend too much time combing their hair.


Keys to long bob

This court must have a lot of movement, is indispensable in all hair shredded so that the hair looks harmonious and not look like one piece. The front strands may be longer than the rest to accentuate the effect of imperfection that seeks to achieve.


The bob can take a nice long bang of course, but in case you want one, this does not have to be neither too neat nor too worked rather long and open to the sides.


Dare to wear their hair style long and Bob that refreshes your picture with a modern, sensual and very feminine look.