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Christmas gift ideas that are quirky, fun and original! Yellow Octopus has Christmas present ideas for men, women, kids

Pimkie proposals for Christmas

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAnd we met the proposals made ??Pimkie dresses for autumn-winter, modern and very feminine for any occasion dresses. But today, and because we approach dates in which insurance will have a lot of celebrations, and those who want to go wonderful, I’ll show you several dresses signing these Christmas...

Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles-Close-up face of young pretty woman squeeze skin on forehead

Common habits that cause wrinkles and Face aging

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedin While the appearance of wrinkles and its intensity depends on the type of skin and skin care habits, there are other factors that affect it. In this post I mention what are the habits we usually have and accelerate the aging process and the appearance of fine lines...

We begin to see some wrinkles on the skin, marks, stains, the tone is not the same

Cosmetic Ingredients NOT to wear in summer

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAt this time of year the sun is stronger than ever and its UV rays are very harmful to the skin. The use of sunscreen high and not exposed in times where it becomes very harmful is key to prevent aging of the skin. But those who are careful...

high heels, bracelets and a bag are all the accessories you need when you want to dress in bright colors

How to put together an outfit in colors for summer

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThere started hot days and have nothing better to celebrate this with a colored outfit, much, much color. The vibrant hues are able to bring joy and happiness and help create an attractive, feminine and seductive look. While color and fashion are an explosive combination, especially during the warmer...