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best shampoo for damaged hair

Effective and healthy remedies to repair damaged hair

Share Here…The hair is like the face. That is, it requires daily care , sometimes for lack of time, not made, but also influenced by other factors such as sun exposure and outdoor swimming, diets too strict, bringing always covered head… It is then when the hair starts to look...

gel manicure treatment for permanent enamel

Manicure treatment of Healthy permanent Manicures

Share Here…More and more adept at the permanent enamels because they are convenient and usually more embellish hands. But around them, as with many beauty products, techniques and treatments, there have been some lies , but in some there is some truth , you must know. Myths about permanent enamels...

Perfect Makeup tips Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless

The disadvantage lists of Contouring technique

Share Here…More than one we are delighted with this staining technique and after reading publications and watch video tutorials tried to do it but does not give result. Perhaps by not having the right products or lack of practice, the fact is that although it looks so easy requires large...