Cellular therapy: anti-aging therapy with embryonic cells and tissues

Cellular therapy anti-aging therapy with embryonic cells and tissues

Among the so many anti-aging treatments using techniques that not only are able to regenerate cells and delay the effects of aging. There also have applications for various diseases, the cellular therapy is one of the most popular, used for some decades.

Cell therapy involves implanting – usually by injection – tissues or parts of tissues removed from animal embryos and fetuses that manage chemical and biological reactions that get different results.

Cellular therapy anti-aging therapy with embryonic cells and tissues

The organism related receptor molecules to cells in the form of simple biochemical groups. Thus, it is able to modify the molecules altered in diseased tissues, and return to other cells which over time causes them to lose, that is why for decades is one of the most recognized antiaging treatments.

The mechanism is based on the body include protein structures that are phagocytized by lymphocytes and macrophages, triggering chemical transformations without altering their molecular structures. These triggers the amino acids of each donor protein homologous structures are secured to the recipient’s tissues. Thus, diseases such as rheumatism, asthma, kidney failure and liver disease, congenital diseases, improve significantly with cellular therapy.

But in people beyond 45 years, the treatment offers much improved level of signs of aging, which is why long been known to win adherents. Is that cellular therapy can be applied on face and body, by the indication of a professional. Circulatory problems, shortcomings in the circulation, wrinkles, fatigue, are some of the ways in which the passage of time is manifested, and this would be possible to revert cell renewal.

These cells are extracted from embryos and fetuses animals, usually cattle raised for these purposes. Depending on the results obtained, the cells are applied topically, intramuscularly or orally. They usually perform a battery of applications for several weeks and then be repeated a few series a year, always according to the direction of the medical specialist in cellular therapy.

Aesthetically, the improvements can be many and notable, seeing cellulite, circulation, sagging, is improved. It also manages to reverse or mitigate the fall of hair are more easily combat obesity, stops skin aging with remarkable improvement in the appearance of the skin . Stress symptoms are less noticeable, and other problems such as edema or vitiligo also become less obvious.

Because of the way in which animal cells are treated prior to implantation, there is no risk of allergic reactions or secondary infections, which is why the cellular therapy is considered a safe and promising. It is clear that for this purpose, one must receive medical specialists recognized that ensure the quality of cells that are injected into the patient.