Coats for babies: Models and styles to protect them from the cold!

It is not always easy to choose the right coat for the baby. Sudden changes in temperature between day and night can be uncomfortable and even make our little one sick. Has it happened to you when you plan an outing with the baby you only wear it with one extra garment and just when they go out, it starts to rain and you have no way to shelter it?

Surely yes… Or the classic one that shelters it and after a while it’s all wet with perspiration.

Let’s see the coats for babies how they should be, what you have to choose, and the best models that protect it from the cold and make it look beautiful.

coats for babies This fall and winter, your baby will need to be well covered to go for a ride in the car or play in the park.

Coats for babies: How to choose the right one?

If we know something moms is that not all garments are for the same, one coat can be very similar to another, but the material can completely change the functionality for which it was designed.

  • The best coats for babies are waterproof and breathable, they are not too thick and cover only up to the hips
  • The best coats for babies are those that are not too thick, but it is essential that they are waterproof and breathable.

Ideally, they should be covered with fleece or synthetic fiber type “Polar Fleece” or “Polar Wool” so you can make sure your baby does not go cold.

Unlike those we use adults, baby coats should be shorter and only cover up to the hips, since their legs are protected by the winter pants that often goes with the coat.

The most common mistake is to buy a baby coat that is very big

Some designs of coats for babies also include gloves, which is very useful because when fastening on the edge of the sleeve it is impossible to lose them.But in addition to the material and the model, it is important that the coat dresses the baby loosely so that he can move without any impediment.

Recommendations when choosing a coat for your baby

The ideal is to choose a coat for children:

That is waterproof and breathable
Make it easy to put on and take off. Ideally with buttons.
Some have accessories such as gloves and hats.
That protects the neck. The scarf is usually lost.
Avoid containing elements that can hurt or get out.
Choose the coat according to the cold where we live. It is better not to exaggerate.
Make sure that our baby is not allergic to the material of the coat.
Ideal to have a hood
Do not buy an extra long coat because the child grows. The coat should be short but loose.
Some have original designs, so it becomes a game to wear the coat.

Make sure your baby is warm and prepared for the coldest seasons of the year with the best baby coats.

Types of coats for babies Models and cozy styles!

By choosing the most suitable coat model, you will ensure that your baby stays warm and prepared for all the cold seasons of the year. The baby coats can be quilted, hand woven and hood type.

Next, let’s look at the different types of baby coats that we can choose

Baby coats knitted styles

Knitted baby coats are usually purchased during the first months of the baby’s life. Why? Because they are much easier to place, their models are very diverse and their softness is ideal for baby’s skin, which is much more delicate. It is important to know if your baby is allergic to any type of material or tissue since babies have very sensitive skin

A fundamental aspect when choosing coats for babies, is to know if your baby is allergic or not to the tissues of this type of coats, because as mentioned above, your skin is usually very sensitive. You can put the garment near the little arm and if you realize that it is not red, you can put the garment without any problem.

The woolen baby coats are perfect to keep them cozy during the winter. Although most children do not like to use it, it is undoubtedly the type of fabric that most shelters and protects the baby from the cold.

The great advantage is that in addition to the coats, you can find them in gloves, hats, socks, scarf and many more garments.

The baby clothes brand Eve Children offers you a very stylish and classic knitted cardigan and cardigan style baby coat that will protect your baby from the cold at all times.

The knitted coats are specially designed with natural materials for the delicate skin of the baby.

Baby coats with opening

It is no secret to anyone that babies during their first three years of life, feel great discomfort to remove their clothes through their little head. Therefore, the option of the coat with buttons or zipper not only allow you to place it at any time (if it starts to be cold or rain) but also when removing it, it will not be annoying for your baby.

The great utility that you offer the coats for babies with buttons or zipper, is that besides being practical they give you much ease to dress or undress your baby trying not to be too long exposed to the cold while we are changing them.

Baby coats with zipper or buttons are much more comfortable to put on and take off.

Baby coats that keep your baby protected from the cold

Although in countries where the weather is not very cold, we moms usually put coats on our babies to look beautiful, there are times of the year where baby coats becomes more than a taste, a necessity. It is precisely in these moments where we must evaluate the quality of the coat, the durability and see how it is constructed beyond the external part (the visible), that is to say, that the fabric that is underneath is well sheltered.

If you live in a very cold area you should pay close attention to the quality of the coat

There are several models of baby coats that contain padded parts, which allow your baby to retain the heat generated by his body, helping him not to catch a cold during those cold times of the year. Of course, another way to wrap them up a bit more is by putting on a pair of gloves and warm socks.

The padded baby coats protect children from the cold and are very practical for winter.

Coats models for babies of boys and girls

The truth is that the designs can be varied in terms of the figurines that accompany the garment, or even some colors can lean towards whether to buy it pink for a girl, or blue for a man. What if you must be clear, is that the functionality of the coat will be the same, protect your baby from winds and climates with moderately low temperature.

So regardless of models or male and female style, baby coats should always be a soft fabric such as wool or cotton that allows sweat, and be comfortable at the time of undressing, because in many cases the temperatures change and it is necessary to remove some of the garments to be able to control their body temperature well.

Thick knit coat for girls and boys

This thick yellow knit coat has a zipper closure, a hood lined with natural materials so your baby is warm and protected.
This beautiful and delicate coat of beige hair with fox ears and zipper on the front is made with cotton fabrics that causes a soft feeling when touched. It is a perfect option to shelter the little ones in autumn and winter.

Padded nacreous coat for boys and girls

Designed for children to withstand the cold and the weather, this padded jacket is made with a very resistant plush lining , also has a hood with synthetic hair contour to provide more heat. It also has two forms of opening, one in a zipper and the other with a magic saw.

Wool coat baby girl

This cute baby girl coat has a woolen cloth effect that closes with your zipper quickly. Includes a removable hood with buttons and an asymmetric zipper opening: easy to wear. A very sober and elegant design and a beautiful color.

Padded coat with lining and padding

The next model of baby coat is a very warm option that includes gray lining, hood and padding plus zipper that is very practical for the days of midwinter. It has a contoured integrated hood of synthetic hair, fitted cuffs and a zipper pull with protector to prevent possible pinching.