Controlling Jealousy

In many troubled relationships stressful dynamics are given. Intense feelings are the support and act as glue that we call love, but no more than that. That intensity attracts, retains us because it felt like something special, we feel that what we create with others is something unique and that gives us great pleasure and we filled the gaps.

Many people end up participating in games of jealousy , demands, accusations and insults sadly when the other person is not what we expect, what we had agreed that we would find ourselves in the other. Somehow try to force that to happen, we need to get that other… but inevitably ended up ripping the worst of themselves. Both mangled with wounds on demand and begin to decide not to open up, and there does not give us everything we end beautiful relationship. ‘s love no longer flows and the relationship begins to be a game of power, power over another ended up becoming the subject.

Many people end up participating in games of jealousy

We live in small family membership unconsciously know that we belong to someone else, our parents and they can do what they want with us.

As we grow, if we break certain parameters, with certain emotional needs , safety to those people with whom we have a relationship of affection, we repeat the same dynamics, but we found our own internal impingement. We know we’re adults and we want to decide what to do, how to live and to give but otherwise emotionally dependent on the other … then conflict.

When we realize that we are all different, that each person is unique and each gives what he has within himself and not that we need to begin to grow. We realize that the other does not belong to us , is not ours, we can not tear things or do we constantly nourished by what we desire. When we realize that love is afforded to himself in his way pure jealousy cease, possessions naturally … there will be no reason for them.

So jealousy is not controllable, the beasts are useless if they are tied in the same room, anyway they will tear. No control jealousy . If we learn that we have no rights on the other … the other chose to be here now just to give us your lights and watch in amazement ours.