Giorgio Armani sunglasses: new collection of spring summer 2012

Giorgio Armani has launched its stylish collection of sunglasses for this spring summer 2012. The collection invites you to really immerse yourself in a journey relaxing and romantic on the French Riviera, all the models created by the firm are simply gorgeous and super modern.

Giorgio Armani sunglasses, new collection spring summer 2012

Giorgio Armani is encouraged to discover the beauty and sweetness of a romantic adventure with these new glasses frames for spring summer season. The leisure and relaxation in a dream landscape were the inspiration for the collection designed for people to enjoy the sun and relax on a beach of white sand.

New Sunglasses Armani are the most chic, signature project captured the essence of a travel diary that chronicles the experiences through the crystal clear waters and cobbled streets of Saint-Tropez and its surroundings.

Giorgio Armani sunglasses, new collection spring summer 2012

Notably, the heart of the stunning French Riviera serves as backdrop for the rest of the couple or for a romantic summer, the image is striking and provides attractive, full of the magical atmosphere that recalls the charm of an era last.

Giorgio Armani sunglasses, new collection spring summer 2012

The collection reflects a contemporary style that is particularly more entrenched than ever in the aesthetics of Giorgio Armani. For graphics and advertising campaigns this year the company took as inspiration the most emblematic advertisements published in the 80 and 90 getting wonderfully traced the history of Giorgio Armani.

Without further refine let you enjoy the photo gallery and video both by the talented photographer Serge Guerand, which was able to capture superbly the nostalgic mood of the season with these black and white images.