Korean beauty secrets for radiant skin

Korean beauty is known all over the world and its secrets, perhaps, the less widespread. They take care of detail the beauty routines from before the appearance of the first signs of aging and look a skin without imperfections, the Koreans invest a lot of time and money with this objective and that shows.

Perform at home a respectful exfoliation to soften the accumulated residues in the pores and eliminate at the same time dead skin that turns off the light of the face

The main difference between how to treat skin in Korea and in other cultures is that the routines that start applying from young people are a real pleasure for them and they know that taking time to care for their skin is something that will allow them Look young much longer.

Here we offer you a small list of the most important rituals to achieve the skin that you have always dreamed of, clean, healthy and radiant.

Cleaning the skin …

Remove makeup from the eyes in a gentle way without rubbing excessively with the cotton, since this small gesture can produce wrinkles. The make-up remover has to act for a few moments so do not be in a hurry to remove it, then use a cleaning oil running all over the face. This type of oil helps to dilute the pigments of the makeup, the sun protection debris and excess sebum. In Korea, they usually prioritize proper cleaning and use various cleaning  products, including a water-based cleaner.

Once or twice a week …

Perform at home a respectful exfoliation to soften the accumulated residues in the pores and eliminate at the same time dead skin that turns off the light of the face. Focus your action on the nose and cheeks but also softly passes through the lips. You will improve the texture of the skin, brighten the features and make the cosmetic products you apply subsequently act in a more effective way.

Apply the products in the following order …

First use a good tonic that will facilitate the absorption of the products to be applied next. Know Korean essences, blisters and serum, each with its specific function, are the center of any facial care routine. Apply then the one that you think is more appropriate for you, the essences have a light and fluid texture which causes it to be absorbed almost instantaneously. They have active ingredients that achieve great hydration and nourish from the inside.

The blisters and the serums are somewhat dense and are often used to treat specific problems such as blemishes, lack of smoothness, etc …

Facial care work could be said to be a system of work in layers, since you have to apply the products in a specific order and wait at least 30 seconds between one product and another to ensure the correct absorption.

So an example of routine in the morning would be: after the tonic and the essence or serum, we would apply a lotion, then specific cream, eye contour, sun protection and finally makeup. Creams and products vary depending on the needs and the time of year.

You have a moment for yourself ….

Involve it in the application, once or twice a week, of a mask. You will achieve that the nutrients that it brings you penetrate in depth and the hydration that will offer you will be infinitely superior to that of any cream.

Take care especially your eye contour …

Using an intensive care cream and applying it carefully and with light touches you will get the thin skin around the eyes to stay smooth, without inflammation or unwanted shadows.

Do the right thing to keep the sun at bay …

It is undoubtedly one of the Korean customs that costs more to implant in the West. During the day, both in winter and in summer, you have to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. In the long run we can see that this dedication gives us a more youthful and healthy skin.