Professional Look: Make-Up and Personal Care for Working Women

Actually, the question is not so much whether makeup or not, but rather what can makeup do for you?

In a professional environment, it is essential that your appearance reflects freshness, but also that you are able to take care of all the details without appearing to take too much effort. Making good use of makeup is not only suggested but also highly recommended. Projecting a professional look with executive presence implies offering a serious and careful appearance but also fresh and healthy, which, therefore, will result in a takeoff of your self-esteem and safety.

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Projecting a professional image with executive presence implies offering a serious and careful appearance

The more natural you look, the better your professional image will be. Office makeup is an enhancer of your features. It’s not about impacting anyone, it’s about having a smooth skin, without any shrillness or abuse. Use a little concealer to cover redness and dark circles. A foundation that looks as close to your natural skin tone. To choose the make-up base, always use the area of ??your jaw as a reference, which is the border area between your face and the neck. Nothing betrays more a wrong choice of makeup than that line that marks two different colors between the face and the neck.

If you want to raise the color tone of your skin a bit, use the bronzer, which will also help you create some angles on your face. Apply the bronzer on the diagonal line that goes from your ear to the corners of the lips and also in the area under the jaw.

You can use some rouge to blush the area of ??your cheeks. But avoid too pink and artificial blushes. A salmon or peach blush for warm skin, or rouge more pink (but never fuchsia) if the temperature of your skin is cold.

EYES Make up

Make up your eyes a bit will always favor you and help you to highlight them. Anyway, it prevents the eyes from looking too dark or colorful. Do not use very thick black eyeliner, or smoky eyes or bright or dark shadows. A contour line of brown, gray, green or even purple eyes (for brown and green eyes) and a shadow mate will do a good job.

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Regarding the mascara, a maximum of two layers. No more. And of course, not to mention false eyelashes!


Try that your lips always look very cared and hydrated. Apply a lip peeling treatment from time to time to remove dead and dried cells and hydrate them as often as necessary.

As for lipstick, avoid very bright colors even if they are transparent. And, of course, strident colors such as fuchsia, orange or whitish colors. Natural colors like nude, salmon, peach or light and matte roses will be perfect. You can also use red lipstick. You will look trim and powerful. Just keep in mind to use the correct red according to your personal colorimetry. Choose a red tomato or Spanish if you have a warm temperature skin, or a red plus raspberry if the temperature of your skin is cold. And remember to highlight only the lips or the eyes, never both at the same time.


Sometimes, too many times, the hands are the forgotten guest at any presentation. Nails bitten or too long, dirt under the nails, dry cuticles, rough skin. The hands are a part of our body that have a leading role in our image. With them we communicate a lot of things. We exhibit them constantly as we speak, when we point out an important point about a role in a negotiation. But above all, above all, they are the vehicle of the first impression we project when we greet someone with a handshake.

Your hands should always be clean and well hydrated. And your nails with the manicure made (at home or professionally). The bitten nails denote uncontrollable and uncontrollable anxiety.

As for the color of the nails, always use light colors or pastels for a professional image. The French manicure and the red nails are perfect too. Even dark nail lacquers are accepted if you want to give a little rein to your most dramatic style. But avoid colors like green, blue or black. It is also not acceptable to use prints and artwork on your nails if you want to project a professional image. And above all, without exception, the nail polish must always be impeccable.

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Daily shower, clean hair, use of antiperspirants, oral hygiene, good breath and discreet use of perfume are the other maxims that close the equation of personal care that every professional must take care of to project an impeccable image.