Shoes with metal tip: how to make a pair of Louis Vuitton at home

The most influential trend in footwear for spring season and next summer are the shoes with metal toe. Louis Vuitton was the forerunner of these style preferred by modern women around the world, with an impeccable collection of footwear with metal toe super glamorous and feminine.

Shoes with metal tip to make a pair of Louis Vuitton at home

The issue is that just the shoes of Louis Vuitton are not accessible to all or even not available in all parts of the world, but in specific cities and a really high cost for most pockets.

In case you are in the group of women who can not afford a pair of authentic LV shoes, do not think all is lost because you can design them yourself with DIY tips I offer you today.

A woman can never have enough shoes, because from the fashion world always bombarded with new styles and new colors take each season. This is the case with metal toe shoes, in addition to Louis Vuitton, many other firms have built their rock trend in new designs.

Fortunately, there are outfits that you can copy it at home with cheaper and efficient materials. Giving a little skill you can see elegant and fashionable without spending more.

Materials needed to create metal toe shoes

  • Pointed Shoes
  • Masking tape
  • Spray paint silver bright
  • Shine spray

Procedure to create metal toe shoes

Begin by measuring the exact point where you will paint the shoes, remember that symmetry is crucial. Bookmark this section with pencil and place the masking tape, exposing only the part you want to paint, making sure the tape is securely attached to the shoe.

Paint evenly and suggested distances to avoid drips and streaks of color. Let dry thoroughly and apply the gloss lacquer finish for a more intense shine, while you guarantee a longer painting.

How is dry, remove the tape and see how your shoes look the metal toe you so desire. Watch the following video: