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Style Tips to wear white for the holidays

Women generally have some fear in full dress in white , which is a shame, because there is no color, finer, chic and flattering that white color. In this post I give you some tips so you can wear white during the holidays, whether you choose the look for Christmas or New Year.

Inspired by the stars

In this photo we see the actress Liz Hurley, ┬┐really looks great? Well, it takes a notched but straight white pants with a cut on top, combined with a white top with metallic details. An impeccable look.

Depending on the style of each, you can use wide leg pants, skinny jeans, shorts. All look great in white.

The designs used today are so versatile and modern that they can be worn on all occasions

The white blazer

The white blazer is a fantastic piece for both men and women. Allows combinations with anything from dresses to skirts or pants. A basic piece in your wardrobe.


The advantage of full white dress is that it allows the addition of many accessories in colors and styles. You can use accessories to customize your look according to the time that you are.

The white lace dress

The white lace dress is not exclusive to brides. The designs used today are so versatile and modern that they can be worn on all occasions, and the singular is that despite its modernity, also have a touch of glamor of old times.

White is not to be feared

There is a misconception that white is not flattering, when in fact can greatly help silhouette, everything is in acquiring suitable for every body type clothes.

It is essential garments white is the quality because this tone betrays the clothing not made ??of good raw materials and the look can be ordinary.

I leave a few styles of outfits blank so you can find the one that you feel your body and style, enjoy the gallery!

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