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high heels and metallic shades

Stylish bridal shoes by Louboutin

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIf you’re a modern bride with great fashion sense, this new shoe collection is definitely for you. The trend leaves aside traditional ways, to give it a more extravagant your shoes on your wedding day. In this proposal, the shoes are not white the only option, since now there are a variety of tones you can use, with highlights and trim large platforms, high heels and metallic shades. Louboutin Proposals Renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin has implemented a style...

How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look

How to Choose the ideal Dress for a good Look

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinChoosing the ideal dress is a task more complicated than it seems, it is necessary to consider several details to the model are splendid in your body and may be suitable for the type of event that you need. In this post you will see the guidelines should be followed to achieve the ideal dress and look like a queen, with no margin for errors or mistakes.   Tips for choosing your dream dress Decide on the model according...