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Dresses for Weddings

Romantic and Trendy Wedding Dresses

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAre you looking for romantic dresses for brides? So, do not move because you are in the right place. Today, we want to show you some of the best bridal gowns with romantic details, which you can use for your future wedding. Also, they are a trend for this year and there are many brides who are opting for these. This article is addressed to all those women who are close to their marriage. So, if you like the...

In the event that the bride would leave full freedom of action, the groom's mother would do well to follow some rules

Wedding etiquette: how must dress the groom’s mother?

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe etiquette has precise rules also comply with regard to dress the groom’s mother should wear during the wedding. If you obey the rules of the classic etiquette, it is the mother of the bride buys her dress first, then does know the details of the same to the groom’s mother so that it can purchase a dress that matches with the bride’s mother, without to be identical. If the wedding is very formal, groom’s mother should wear a...

New collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang 2012

New collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang 2012

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe prestigious New York designer Vera Wang has once again demonstrated her talent and elegance to the design of wedding dresses truly unique and original, a style available to very few. This time we present the new collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang, a line of luxury and glamor for a truly unique look special occasion. The designs of Vera Wang are not only distinguished by the quality of its fabrics, like tulle or organza silk, but also...