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Snow White and the Huntsman

The Black: A Must-Have set of The Season

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAlways have three basic pieces in black that match all taken and looks in this winter jacket, boots and purse. Maria Castiza proposed use your black leather long jacket Colombian Military for those days of cold and rain, as being 100% water-repellent leather. To walk in comfort and style Boots are ideal Alsace, are composed of suede and leather, and its design was born from the inspiration of the corset that was used in the Middle Ages. And to...

Fashion Trends for 2012

Fashion Trends for 2012

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe fashion trend for the year 2012 is premised on the casual code. Fashion that is proposed from the world’s most prestigious runways is mostly urban country with a touch of informality and key details that give glamorous.   For example for the night, many designers opt for wearing outfits made up of animal print with sequins and lamé blend, whereas for the day, the premise is the military jackets, leather skirts, floral prints and fruit, houndstooth clothing and...