• Perfume is almost essential to a woman's beauty routine

    How do you choose a perfume?

    Christmas is coming and a good gift is without doubt a fragrance, a nice perfume. Choosing a good perfume is not always easy because a lot of variety and, in addition, each year launching new products. But with a few tips you can choose the one that best suits you so you give it away or you can use it for yourself because you deserve it, right? Advice to choose a perfume for a woman When choosing the perfume, there are several factors that must be addressed. First, we must be clear that each colony smells so different in each person, as the smell varies with the pH of the…

  • Own the Night: this sheer mist is the perfect co-star, with a warm, sparkling fragrance inspired by midnight in Paris

    New fragrances for all times of day

    During the course of a year on cosmetics releases are incessant, and everything to publicize the changes in fashion trends that have been or new ingredients. As is the case with makeup or creams, fragrances are not free to go appearing and disappearing or changing according to the season. So far in 2015 we have already seen various developments for both men and women and the best brands. The charm of a scented skin is a pleasure that we must never stop feeling. Every time we leave the fragrance is essential part of the look and perfectly completes our outfit acting positively in the mood. Whatever the reference of each…