Autumn Winter

Adding color to your winter look

Winter clothing is not very colorful, only in recent years it have included vibrant shades in the collections of this season, but not all of them easy to incorporate.

Adding color to your look winter is not so difficult if you do not have many clothes most striking new tone, do not worry because you can spice up your image with some simple tips. In this article I share some nice tips to include color in your winter look!


It does not take one of the girls of Sex And The City, all love shoes and we love the new styles. This addition to the classic winter shoes color black cheer.

Buy yourself a pair of color shoes or boots, these will not only brighten your outfit but also to be more dynamic.

The boot swabs or socks in bright colors can give contrast to the look

Note that when you introduce a splash of color to any outfit you have to consider first the color palette of all garments.

Whether it’s a monochrome dress, any favorite color is going to be fine. However, if the color palette of the outfit is a mix of neutral tones, adding a bright color like red, is able to give life to everything.


The best way to add color to your look is by choosing colorful accessories. For example you can wear a scarf in vibrant shades, bracelets and a colored ring, the bags are also a great option, may be in emerald green, red, with metallic details, etc..

Colored Sox

The boot swabs or socks in bright colors can give contrast to the look, but beware, this is a detail that does not sit well with anyone and has to combine very well with the style of clothing worn.

In general it is to get a much more unstructured look, youthful and fresh. The combination of medium or strong tone leggings with black color clothing is fabulous.

Do not forget that coats, gloves and pants color are also great allies to enliven the winter look. Dare to renew and dressed with energy!

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