10 keys to achieve a clean and clear skin

Every day your skin is faced with pollutants from the environment, sun and other factors leading to that is not entirely healthy. The pores become clogged, increased dryness and oiliness does not allow the skin to breathe. Definitely it will begin to see signs of little or poorly maintained if not treated on time. Before repair creams, always opt for a series of routines that will make your skin look clean.

In the following ten lines expert tips for American dermatologists beauty magazine, Allure, with the goal of making the dermis look better with just some routines and secrets to follow every day.

1) Keep a clean face

Cleaning First, before going to sleep, after the gym or if it is too time outdoors. The idea is that all the grease and dirt that accumulates on your face after a day, must disappear to allow the skin to breathe. Although makeup can hide pimples and blackheads or defects of the most diverse, after several hours, if not removed in depth, it can become harmful. For this there are specific cleaners especially if they are long lasting or waterproof. The soap is used a lot, but nothing like a cleansing gel or milk containing salicylic acid to purify and disinfect the pores.

to disinfect the area well has been injured and may risk infected with bacteria

2) No touching or popping pimples

It is very difficult to resist the temptation to remove a pimple or facial peel. If one uses their hands to erase these marks only get inflame the area, leaving marks even bigger and cause more acne. There are several products designed to shrink the area, even pencils that cover them with makeup but also the sanitized. Just wait a few days and these marks disappear.

3) Treat grains were touched

If one could not resist and has already marked her whole face while trying to remove blackheads or pimples, then you have to disinfect the area well has been injured and may risk infected with bacteria. For this, some components such as benzoyl peroxide and are much used in various products. Similarly effective is salicylic acid such as Clean & Clear to dry the area preventing more disasters.

4) Check the used products

Many people are very good ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid for acne in use. But many others do not work. So when you start to try a product and after several weeks not see results is because we must change. And for this it is best to consult a dermatologist who will assess the situation prescribing another class of products much stronger and designed to end the problem.

5) Try to retinoids

Retinoids are one of the things that are being used to improve the skin. Such as erroneously believed, are not just for wrinkles. They also make spots, producing collagen and prevent acne but only if used correctly. For example, before you go to sleep you can apply a small amount (one point) to the face and distribute it over your face. All this is to replace the standard treatment of acne. The use of retinoids also helps cell renewal, experts warn. But beware, all this must be guided by a specialist doctor, who prescribed the substance and its use and quantities.

6) Early Detection

If the objective pursued any woman is to have clear and unmarked face, then every problem must be detected early, before it becomes larger and unmanageable. Since in some cases can leave indelible marks.

7) No problems over treated

Overuse of acne products can lead to excessive drying and in some cases chemical burns. So it is with the grease, that if the overtreatment occured, the dryness may be irreversible. To avoid these behaviors always apply the recommended amount and do not exaggerate. Nor choose several products at once because skin is cannot absorb them all. At the end of the routine you must be completed with a lightweight moisturizer without oil.

8) Relax is beauty

Stress creates a whole class of disorders that also focus on the skin, as reaction, allergies, pimples or rashes. All stress also leads to a hormonal disorder which secretes substances that cause clogging pores with obstruction and pimples. Exercise, meditation and lead a quieter life will help in every way. Also at this point, it is important not to smoke because smoking causes numerous problems for the face, such as dryness, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

9) Protect skin

Acne products can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage and sunscreen so there should always be at least SPF 30 is important, but much more if it is a sensitive skin. When it comes to cream for the day, you can opt for those that are already protected and even in makeup. Furthermore it is always better to opt for non-comedogenic formulas that do not clog pores and skin care.

10) Healing Creams

The fact that the grain is gone does not mean the face disappeared. There are still traces and even brands that require further treatment. For this, it is best to use healing creams with vitamin A, salicylic acid and avoid the sun to not leave indelible marks.

With some basic care skin look better, healthier and without the classic marks of damage it causes acne or some bad habits. Cleanse the face, sun protection, and use the right products, to visit a specialist will make any future problem becomes intractable skin.