12 most common reasons of experiencing fatigue, sleep and exhaustion

The fatigue, excessive sleep or bodily fatigue is a very common symptom that is repeated as a sign of many organic deficiencies or diseases. We leave a little guide about the most common reasons for tiredness as something flagrant and persistent manifests. It is essential to fix the causes and take the appropriate remedy.

12 most common reasons why you may experience fatigue, sleep and exhaustion

Nutritional deficit

The lack of any mineral or vitamin can cause fatigue because the body does not have everything you need to perform their metabolic processes.

One of the most common failures is iron, which is called anemia . Try to take iron you get what lentils, chickpeas, sesame, wheat bread and spinach; Throw in this you need vitamin C and folic acid (found in green leafy vegetables).

Other nutritional deficiencies can cause tiredness and fatigue, such as lack of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. To prevent this from happening try to consume all kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and assorted cereals . The diet today is somewhat limited … not enough white flour and meat to be healthy and full of energy.

Other worthy deficit of vitamins and minerals

Energy deficit:

Do you eat breakfast well? The poorly distributed or restricted diets , more precisely at breakfast is often one of the reasons for lack of energy. Remember that your body after fasting hours during sleep, you need to refuel. Fruit and cereals are an excellent energy source. If you need to lose weight seeks sports and decrease the amount of food rather night before.

Diet to lose weight without losing energy


Do you take some water? Try to include some tea or just some extra glasses of water throughout your day. Your body needs about two liters. of water a day for every day life processes.

The importance of water

Unhealthy sleep routine:

Little sleep, sleeping too much or do irregular hours due to rotating schedules, it may be enough for you to live in a state of reason continual tiredness .


It is the great evil of our time, that it unchained psychologically due to demands from the outside to achieve certain objectives. Another reason may be toxic to establish relationships that develop daily and generate a state of constant stress. Stress creates the synthesis of a hormone called cortisol, which serves to react to extreme situations, but if we hold large doses over time began to develop all kinds of organic adverse effects. Remember, sometimes less is more.


If you are pregnant your entire system changes, it is normal to feel tired during the first few weeks. If fatigue continues verifies not be suffering anemia , very common during pregnancy. In that case it solves in a few days taking a multivitamin specific for anemia.


While sport is an activity that gradually increases our energy and fights fatigue, be careful not to be over-demanding your current capacity. Increase the intensity gradually and give yourself the necessary rest between sessions of training. You must give time to metabolize the lactic acid generated intense exercise, for it can do very gentle exercise such as stretching and walking, also help nutritional supplements such as magnesium.


The depression naturally generate state of sleep and fatigue . Basically depression is a condition that is generated by not finding a suitable solution to the difficulties. It is best that you seek help, you try to verbalize your feelings and concerns externalizing your moods and difficulties. Remember that other people experienced with good intentions can give you bits of useful consciousness to solve your problems.


Do you feel fatigue in the morning or get tired easily? The heaviness, low exercise tolerance and headaches are common symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning, present in cigarette smoke. There are many ways to reduce and end the abuse of snuff . Read more on these links:

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Many medications cause tiredness, fatigue or excessive sleeping. If you are taking one, learn about the side effects of it and see the doctor to counteract them.


Diseases such as hypothyroidism , the fibromyalgia , cardiac or circulatory diseases, metabolic diseases such as diabetes or even cancer, generate states of fatigue and drowsiness.

Poisoning or allergies:

Poisoning and allergies to our body rejects agents can generate fatigue or excessive sleeping.

This is only a rough guide to the possible causes. Be sure to consult your doctor to make an examination to consciousness and thus find the most accurate solution to your problem.