5 healthy habits for children in summer

Summer is a time of illusion in childhood. An illusion that moves to the family because at this moment, parents and children can live more time in common. Summer in childhood seems endless, however, this space away from the classroom has a beginning and end.

Healthy habits are important during these weeks. Otherwise, returning to resume them in the month of September is an added difficulty after this summer break. What are some of the healthy habits of children in childhood? In this Blog post, we recommend five points.

1. Reading

The stories and children’s books transfer the illusion to the period of the holidays or the destination of a trip. The reading also reaches the pools. A swim in the pool is a very refreshing proposal, an effect that also produces this literary bath of letters that enrich the mind , imagination and the heart.

The memory of a summer accompanied by children’s stories marks the beginning of a plan that can evolve throughout life. Visiting children’s bookstores and buying some titles can be a good plan.

Summer Routine
Faced with the negative effect of the absence of routine during the summer, these healthy habits for children deserve to be part of this vacation time

2. Creating a summer routine

The schedules change since during this season the children do not have to get up early to go to school. In spite of this, routine is very necessary because it brings the pleasant effect of habit. At the end of the summer, it will be time to gradually adapt the vacation schedule to the new reality of the school year. But given the importance of living the here and now, it is essential to update this schedule of the calendar in relation to the main hours of rest, food and family routines.

There may be circumstances in which a planning breaks down at a particular moment. But we should not make this possible exception a permanent rule that is the result of improvisation.

3. Eat at home

The summer plans can also show the illusion of gastronomic experiences in restaurants when tasting the menu of a local. Eating at home is a healthy routine that puts value on the proposal of homemade food. Dishes made from quality products that are protagonists of the season. For example, during the summer holidays you have more time to innovate in the kitchen with new recipes that add vegetables and fruits of this time. You can also plan in advance the weekly holiday menu.

This moment not only represents a habit in terms of nutritional experience, but also in the experiential value of finding in this daily anchoring an opportunity for conversation around the table. An image as simple as this can be unfeasible during the rest of the course because of difficulties of conciliation when the children eat in the school cafeteria.

A healthy diet that also requires less fast food and less processed products. Summer gives prominence to very healthy and refreshing foods. For example, watermelon.

4. Physical exercise during the summer

Physical exercise is very present in school education that children receive at school. In addition to this, this exercise also describes the activity of free time. During the summer holidays it is also possible to dedicate a space to this entertainment always taking care of the best moment for it. The infant swimming is one of the sports that like many children. The courses of this thematic are frequent during these dates. A training that elevates learning.

Sports camps for children can also be an interesting proposal. This can be a good time to resume cycling trips from previous summers.

5. Educational plans

Learning is beyond books and school classes. Learning is a stimulus of happiness during the summer. Summer is a season that fosters a catalog of unforgettable sensations . For example, the discovery of stars in places far from the city that, due to their own lighting conditions, makes this vision difficult. An astronomy experience that can not only be lived in different spaces of nature, but also in the planetarium. An educational place that forms and accompanies the encounter with science through an agenda that constantly innovates.

In addition, many museums schedule an offer of activities for children during the summer. Check the agenda of programs aimed at children from the offer of the environment in which you live. There are many different ways to travel on vacation. One of them, the one that reinforces the power of the imagination. The activities of museums combine entertainment and learning.

The summer open-air cinema billboard is also renewed for another year offering a typically summer experience that combines film with contact with outer space.