5 Things you should never miss in the gym

The gym is a good way to do sports but … what should we take him? we like to do a brief review of the top 5 things that we considered necessary to carry there. Would not you only pay attention because surely you take all and, if you do not, you’re taking notes.

The towel

The towel is the first object that we bring to the gym. Whether you go to a group class or you train in the room. Not only will serve to wipe the sweat is vital interposing between us and the materials we use to give a hygiene plus our day. It is not nice to use a stained sweat of another object. The towel should be simple, a sink should have the correct size.
If you're a girl it is important that choose a good sports bra

Good hydration

If you go to work any aerobic activity can never miss a bottle of water. hydrated before, during and after is important for our quality and training is all liquid repongamos we lose through sweating. The right thing is to drink water, avoid sugary drinks unless you’re running a marathon.

A heart rate monitor

A good heart rate monitor will help us control our hearts . Control pulses is useful for not overdo the intensity and control the training area in which we want to work. It is important to stay in the fat burning zone if we do a good job in this regard. There are many heart rate monitors in the market , the most important is that is encoded and not display the information to your colleagues.

Her hair

You are a woman or man (with long hair in both cases), it is important to wear her hair. Loose hair causes sweat to hit you in the face, back, this is dirty, a real nuisance. Carry 2 or 3 bands in the gym bag with some bobby pins or a headband is very useful.

A good sportswear

If you’re a girl it is important that choose a good sports bra , you choose your sneakers accurately and clothes you wear . It is very important to be comfortable and not tight that you cut off circulation. It is no use out a tight clothes if not then you focus on your workout.

What objects indispensable to the gym take with form? If you would like some more to list just have to suggest it in the comments.