Accessories 2012: new, good and eternal

No look is complete until it is supplemented with perfect accessories, and in turn they who print the character to your style, so that the same outfit can go from formal to casual, day to night, and dated to adjust only modern accessories. That is why it is important to keep up with this issue, allowing you to renew your style investing little money. This article will share the secrets of four essential accessories for 2012: some are new inventions, some are classics that make or change their usual functions, but all will help you see fresh and fashionable.

of wear skirts or dresses and your legs

Sox gem:
Tired of wear skirts or dresses and your legs are not enough fun? Well, the solution to all your problems are the average novel gem. The new occurrence of Karl Lagerfeld appeared in the parade of haute couture Chanel and quickly spread through the low cost brands. Also known as fantasy stockings are simply tone pantyhose skin but adorned with crystals and jewels to the knees and its surroundings. Ideal if you are invited to a party and want to brighten up this mini dress with shiny legs.

Fashion Accessories

The Hindu style is back in fashion, and the idea is not to come out into the street dressed without complements modern costumes with accessories inspired by the beauty of India. Sarongs, bracelets and dangling earrings are most often used, but this year returns with force the bindi, that little piece of jewelry that sticks on the forehead between the eyebrows. Traditionally used in red and has great spiritual significance, representing the third eye. In the mid-90 was Gwen Stefani, then the front of No Doubt, who became fashionable as an optional pop, and this year again at the hands of stars like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry also be seen decorating the face of models in fashion shows fashion and high society girls at parties stunning.

clutch is small strapless purse

Also known as ON, the clutch is small strapless purse that you carry in your hand to the most elegant parties. Well, now the latest in urban fashion invites you to take your clutch down the street and in broad daylight, in more informal models. To make it comfortable to wear this new accessory brands include a small loop through which runs a hand to grab more comfortably. Now you can go in style even to the supermarket.

feel tired of your look and want a change in your hair

Hair accessories:
For those days when you feel tired of your look and want a change in your hair, but no time to stop by the salon, add a splash of color, brightness or some charming detail to your head may be the most effective solution. And best of all, this year the hair accessories are used at all times and on every occasion, from classic headbands or bandanas, even the most distinguished turbans, and even the accessories usually reserved for holidays such as tiaras and crowns.