Accessories that make you look elegant

A basic thin leather belt can really give life to a team

Many times it is necessary to wear expensive and stylish clothes to look stylish. You can, with the help of accessory keys, get a glamorous look without having to resort to clothes first lines or a look copied from a celebrity.

In this post I mention what those accessories with only keys that take you to see much more elegant and refined. Notes and sees arming the shopping list!

The portfolio

A good portfolio will not be missing from your wardrobe, try to have a style, not necessarily more expensive brand, but with a particular design and cutting edge. The color must be neutral so you can combine it with different clothes and styles.

Satin Shoes

Ideal for professional look at work or stand out in a meeting. Lined in satin shoes with four-inch heels and stilleto model are fashionable and give the feeling that the woman who is intelligent and capable leads all.


Do not have a good watch? Well, it’s time you invest in one. The wristwatch adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit and definitely not too loaded. Buy a watch sophisticated, elegant and fashionable.

Leather Belt

A basic thin leather belt can really give life to a team, it gives something extra and let others know that you are in every detail. They can not miss you one or two belts like this!

Statement Necklace

Many times a good necklace is enough to look elegant and stylish, and gives life to the garments. Choose a statement necklace but not vulgar, try to note and that is of quality because the economic plated just look “cheap”.