Advantages and Disadvantages of homeschooling

homeschooling is possible to avoid problems that hurt so many children in the classroom like bullyng, or bad influences
The homeschooling refers to a type of alternative education, from home without attending school. It consists, therefore, that students receive the subjects of mathematics, literature, issues such as fire safety, environmental protection or other matters, without going to a public or private school. In this article we analyze the advantages that this entails and the disadvantages.

On many occasions for moral, personal, religious, geographical or distrustful reasons to schools, some parents decide that their children study only from home. It is a respectable decision and according to some education experts it has benefits since it is a freer education and open to the child , without establishing more prejudices than those that the parents themselves can establish.

Advantages of homeschooling

The main advantage is that children have more fun, it is a learning process away from the typical authoritarian and inflexible model of public and private institutions. Parents also enjoy more closely the achievements their children achieve during their learning, which will depend on what they themselves teach them.

Also with homeschooling, it is possible to avoid problems that hurt so many children in the classroom like bullyng, or bad influences. It is the parents who can choose the friends of these children and have the possibility to distance them from this type of toxic friendships.

Disadvantages of homeschooling

Now, it is good to analyze the other side of the coin and see the disadvantages of this type of education. There are many experts who say that the child should be educated from childhood with other children, since it is necessary to attend a school.

The homeschooling brings associated costs time and money. Parents must have many hours a day to attend and educate their children. In the same way this question arises, to what extent are parents able to give a correct education to their children from home ? It is a responsibility that should fall on the education experts.

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