Tips and solutions to show off hands with a uniform skin tone: Antiaging hand treatments

The hands can not only add more years to the person because of the appearance of wrinkles or because the skin is more flaccid. It is an effect that, likewise, is produced by the appearance of irritations and redness , which make them look with a non-uniform tone. To this is also added the fact that there are people whose veins are very noticeable, which affects the hands from the aesthetic point of view. These are situations that, however, have a solution and are not as complicated if these tips are followed.

The hands can not only add more years to the person because of the appearance of wrinkles or because the skin is more flaccid.


Normally, the veins of the hands are more appreciated in very thin people or athletes or are more evident in those cases in which there has been a loss of skin density that, in general, is associated with the passage of time. The objective in this case is to thicken the dermis and its texture in order to rejuvenate them. The treatment goes through the infiltration of hyaluronic acid with which good results are obtained.

However, in sports people, the situation varies because the pressure increases with much more effort and the veins become saturated with blood, becoming much more visible. In general, it is a situation that tends to reverse when they return to their initial state and the body has recovered from that effort.


The hands are one of the parts of the body that are most affected by sudden changes in temperature , although irritations can also occur due to being in contact with allergenic substances .

In the case of allergies, the best solution is to protect the hands with gloves so as not to come into contact with these substances and so that irritations, itching and even peeling do not occur.

It is also essential to use hand creams with urea or soothing substances to avoid irritation and that the hands are less affected by sudden changes in temperature that not only lead to the loss of a uniform appearance, but also produce dryness in your dermis.

Antiaging hand treatments

Fortunately, more and more creams and cosmetics appear to try to avoid the visible effects of skin aging on this part of the body and to correct problems such as spots. These are advances that also reach treatments in beauty clinics and beauty centers . On this occasion, we are going to talk about three antiaging treatments for hands that are quite effective and with which you can achieve good results that also tend to last several months. Which are? Here we tell you these three so you can take them into account.


The peeling treatment is particularly recommended for those cases we want to unify the tone of skin that is not uniform or has some spots more or less dark. Medical peeling allows you to end it. But it is important to put yourself in the hands of specialists – in reality not only in this treatment, but in all – to avoid unwanted effects. And, with peeling, the skin that is treated comes off within approximately two weeks . In this way, it gives way to a new dermis in which the skin is renewed and has the same tone.

PRGF or Plasma Rico treatment in Growth Factors

The acronym PRGF actually responds to the Plasma Rico treatment in Growth Factors. This technique consists in reinjecting the patient’s own blood proteins. The aim is to correct and mitigate the wrinkles out of hand. However, it is also a treatment that allows or helps to rejuvenate the skin of this part of the body.

Mesotherapy treatment

This treatment is perhaps best known for its use to combat cellulite and localized fats , as well as being used in weight loss treatments. However, it is also effective in the hands. On this occasion, it helps rehydrate the skin so that it looks much brighter and fresher . For this, vitamins and amino acids are injected primarily, although the composition may include other trace elements.

The advantage is that the result is lasting. Approximately, the hands look good for about three months, although everything depends on the activity performed and daily care.