7 Tips To Follow For A Better Skin Care

Do not remove makeup before going to sleep

All women know that it is very important to a good skin care, but nevertheless, it sometimes happens that respect much routine beauty daily or fall back into bad habits that are quite detrimental to the skin. In this post I will tell you what those bad habits so common that we often make women in skin care.

1) Do not apply sunscreen daily

Whether summer or winter, is cloudy, or deliberately expose yourself to the sun, you always have to wear sunscreen when you leave your house.

Also be used bases moisturizers or makeup with sunscreen, as is the case of BB creams possessing sunscreen factor 30 and simultaneously give color and moisturizing the skin. It is important to remember that is to be applied every two hours to renew product protection.

2) Do not remove makeup before going to sleep

It is a common mistake among women. This happens because sometimes got so tired that I just want to lie down, but it is very bad.

Do not remove makeup before going to sleep

Removing makeup is essential to keep skin healthy and youthful, it is advisable to skip this step. When cleaning the skin while also removed impurities, excess sebum and dermis may be oxygenated to look rejuvenated and radiant in the morning.

3) Do not use make-up remover

Many women believe that only with milk or cream cleaners can clean the skin and remove all makeup. This is not so.
Only remover has the ability to remove the makeup of the skin, the remaining products are to be used later.

4) No rinse cleanser and makeup remover

Grave error incurred many women, always rinse these products because they contain abrasive ingredients necessary to remove dirt. If not we rinse, dry the skin well, not `allow it or that oxygenate assets apply creams then penetrate the dermis.

5) Wash the face with soap

Neither liquid soap or neutral soap or cream … the face should always clean it with cream, milk or cleansing gel that is specifically formulated for skin care of skin and not cause dryness or irritation.

6) Excessive exfoliation

Exfoliate necessary, but if we do too much can also damage the skin. Once a week or once every 15 days is recommended, do not exfoliate daily because the awareness and promotes a rosacea, too refined and eventually can cause lack of tone.

7) Use products not very good quality or are not suitable for the skin

Buy the cream that is fashionable is not necessarily a good thing for all. First of all you must always know that behind a much publicized marketing product and does not guarantee its effectiveness and good quality.

Before purchasing a beauty product you should consult a specialist, dermatologist or cosmetologist, to indicate the type and the right brand. There must always be guided by the experiences of a friend because she can not have the same skin type, or by the hype.

If your skin is oily, then you need oil free products that will help to remove excess sebum and treat acne. But if your skin is dry, then it would be best to use products with nourishing and moisturizing active. It is also necessary to consider the age because at every stage of life, the skin has different needs.