Basic facial care and simple techniques

The face is a key part of your appearance, to be part of such important features as the eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows and it plays an important role in beauty. Likewise, on the contrary, the face is exposed to multiple abuse as makeup, sun, pollution and chemicals, among others.

facial care and simple techniques

Therefore, it is no wonder that the cosmetics and beauty is enriched with so many different treatments to keep your face beautiful, young and healthy. However, fortunately, there is no need to invest much to give care and maintenance if you learn to prevent and treat your face with simple tricks and habits. Here are the keys to the basic care of the face.

Commodities to care for the face

As you mentioned, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on miracle creams, Pillings-art or rejuvenating massages if you learn to prevent and care for the face but consistent with simple techniques, such as:

Drinking water

Water is life, well told, and this is true. For more you apply moisturizers out, if your body is not hydrated from the inside, you get few results. Therefore it is recommended intake of 2 liters of water daily in addition to other benefits, will help keep your skin soft and young.

Soap or sulfur

Using one of these soaps can replace many other products that promise to clean your face. Try to avoid scented soaps and separate facial soap for the rest of the body. The soap is used for bathing babies so you can imagine how soft it is with skin. If you have problems of fat or acne, sulfur soap will give you a deep clean.

Make quality and in good condition

It may seem an obvious recommendation, but you must accept that, in many cases, keep makeup for years when the lifetime of these is on average only a few months. When makeup is expired or is of low quality, not only does not look the way you would like but can irritate or damage your dry skin.

Cream with UV filter

Make sure the facial cream you use is gentle as well as moisturize properly and offer a protection against UV rays.

Basic habits to care for the face

If you make daily small actions, it can become great changes and benefits for your health and beauty. Sleeping with makeup will not only wake up with raccoon eyes but also dries your skin and clog pores so you are accelerating the aging process.

Drink plenty of water and exfoliate your skin will help keep it fresh and healthy. You can use natural homemade exfoliants.

Do not mistreat the face pulling or squeezing, if impurities have also tested with internal detoxification, eat healthily, keep your skin clean.

The faces, like many other parts of the body, require ongoing treatment and preventive rather than corrective. If you try this way you can obtain huge profits without much effort.