Benefits of natural tanning with Sugarcane

With the arrival of summer all people like to lead a quite tanned skin and often by lack of time to sun exposure, or simply because you do not like to damage your skin and prefer to look after, resigned in the summer, wearing a color wonderful, that makes you look more beautiful.

The exercise is another key. It is always advisable to do so regularly and moderately


Today there are countless opportunities in the market to get a golden color on your skin, without having to spend several hours in the sun, much better, is that some of them are completely natural and healthy, such as sugarcane.

Benefits of natural tanning Sugarcane

As said before, it is a totally natural tanning system, allowing you to not only look spectacular in summer, but at the same time provides the necessary care for the skin. This is because the sugar cane does not penetrate the deep layers of the dermis, but works on the surface allowing a few minutes one can change the hue of the pale skin, and a golden brown with a completely healthy. Besides being safe, non-staining as many makeup treatments that promise a tan in a short time, and lasts from 5 to 10 days imitating conventional tanning perfection.

Where do the Sugarcane tanning treatment do?

Usually this type of treatment should be performed in a specialized center, which is often recommended to repeat the session once every 7 days, searching for a golden look full and lasting throughout the summer. In many centers often recommend an exfoliating the skin prior to optimal results, and many others recommend exfoliation between sessions to remove ancient remains the same treatment. Everything will always depend on how often you want to perform the treatment and how much you want to last on your skin color.

Like any other product for tanning the skin, you must emphasize that some care must be taken the first few hours, then applied, and that it exceeds you have to use creams factor sunscreen for your skin care. So you know, if you like to wear a tan this summer in the possibility of there healthy tan. To take this into account.