The best drinks not to get fat this summer

Being on a diet in summer or not wanting to get fat is complicated when you are on vacation because you leave more at night and it is always habitual to end up in some disco, bar, terrace. There are drinks that do not pose any problem in maintaining the line. Here we make you some proposed bills so that you can enjoy the afternoons and summer evenings without having to be the one that always asks for the water bottle.

A good choice are the infusions and, in particular the tea


A good choice are the infusions and, in particular the tea , that can be taken with ice cubes or with crushed ice. It is a refreshing drink that adds zero calories to the body and can be accompanied by different flavors like lemon, peach, forest fruits. The choice is only yours. However, any infusion without sugar and with ice is valid.


In front of what is tended to think soft drinks are not prohibited. Of course, you have to choose all those who do not have sugar to not have problems with the scale. In addition, even if they do not contain sugar, it is always better to limit their consumption. That is, it is not good to spend a whole night drinking them. It is better to take some and then try other soft drinks.


For those who want to drink something with alcohol, one of the best options is the summer red in which you have to put a small amount of wine – because alcohol is converted into sugar in the body – and quite gaseous. Another alternative would be a beer, better if it is a clear.

In all these cases, it should be taken moderately and occasionally because it is best to give up all alcoholic beverages. If it is impossible, other options would be the cider the glass of wine.


And, what happens if we want a cocktail? You have to choose those that are without alcohol . However, these drinks are not usually a good choice because it is usual to carry many fruits so that you concentrate enough sugar. Among the possible alternatives is the pina colada. However, nothing like asking the bartender to prepare something indicated.