Best Makeup 2012: can not miss in your beauty case

Best Makeup 2012

The makeup trends imposed this spring are simply fabulous and very striking, as other more demure for those who like less daring looks. Here are some cosmetic that must-haves in your cosmetic bag makeup spring if you want to look fashionable everyday.

Best Makeup 2012

Neon Lip Color
The fluorescent colors are the latest fashion and this also applies to makeup. Make a variety of lip glosses in neon citrus colors, pink and purple because they are the colors that are worn on hot days.

Remember that excel your mouth, you have to overshadow the eyes. So to choose eyeshadow, look in beige or pink, and blushing cheeks some more intense to simulate a natural tan.

Striking Eyeshadows

The eye shadows in bright hues with bright colors like blue, green or silver and also carried a lot this season. MAC has released an interesting line of shadows in shades eyelid ultra modern and flashy.

For lips the firm proposes a trend less intense, as the brightness of color pink poppy, old rose, soft pink and scarlet to create a very sensual mouth.

NARS Striking Eyeshadows

NARS is another cosmetic companies that has opted for a mix of makeup that has glitter and nude tones, with excellent taste indeed. The eye shadows have a combination of beige pink with shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest, as well as trios of shadows and light olive clear with metallic sparkles.

Blush to cheeks like apples

The NARS is one of the brightest parts of the collection, for spring offers a perfect candy pink coloring to highlight the cheeks and pink lipstick velvety, subtly highlighting mouth. It also has a nude lipstick in bright amber really is lovely.