Best smelling perfume: Unresolved doubts about cologne

You probably have a thousand questions about the perfume. Perhaps you have ever wondered what the difference between a perfume or cologne or why the same perfume smells differently in each person. The truth is that best smelling perfume are one of the most useful weapons to a woman to seduce. You may forget a face, but never an odor. So in the following article Sexy Beauty, we solve some doubts about the perfumes.

Top Seductive Perfumes for Women

Let’s start apply ourselves perfume. There are no fixed rules for their application . However, if you put it without rubbing on the inside of the knees, wrists and earlobes, the perfume is heated with the heartbeat. You can also throw you a few drops in the neck and let your hair be responsible for spreading the fragrance.

The secret to a lasting scent

A same perfume does not smell like two people. This is because the chemical that makes your skin. There are other factors influencing the scent of a perfume, such as diet, stress or the type of skin you have.

If you used to use best smelling perfume with alcohol, stop using them in summer. They may stain your skin when exposed to sunlight. Therefore it is advisable to use fragrances in summer without alcohol.

The fragrance is usually put up all day. But some people do get to keep smelling the perfume hours ago when they put it on. How do they do ?, you ask. Best to hold perfume all day is to bring several layers of a smell like. Combine your fragrance shower gel or shampoo from the same line. So keep the smell any longer.

The perfume can damage clothing or jewelry. For this reason it is advisable to throw it before dressing, especially if the color of the perfume is much darker than the clothes they’ll wear.

The best fragrance to entice? Vanilla, amber and musk . But beware of abusing the perfume.