Stains, cracks or wrinkles on the hands? These are the solutions!

Taking care of the hands is especially important because it is a part of the body in which age is noticed and it is something very difficult to hide because, unfortunately, there are usually not many aesthetic treatments that allow keeping them young once certain problems have appeared. It is what happens, for example, with the machas , the cracks and the wrinkles . Always the best weapon is to take care of them daily. If this has not been the case, there are some solutions that are helpful.

cracks or wrinkles on the hands

Stains treatments

Sun, hormonal changes, age… These are some factors that are behind the spots on the hands. To avoid this, as we have said, prevention is best by using a photoprotector on the back of the hands, even if it is not summer, and wear gloves in winter to protect them.

If the spots have already appeared, the option is to use hand creams that have depigmenting assets because they help blur them and match the tone. In the most extreme cases you can use the laser , being necessary between three or four sessions depending on the stain. However, we must know that some scab comes out, which is necessary for the skin to renew itself.

Wrinkles treatments

To prevent wrinkles, prevention is also the best ally. It is preferable to avoid hot water because it favors sagging and strengthens the skin with antioxidant creams with vitamins E and A or ingredients that promote the formation of collagen such as retinol .

When there are already obvious wrinkles, the alternative is to fill them with infiltrations of hyaluronic acid . The result usually lasts between nine and 12 months.

Cracks Treatments

Another common problem in the hands are the cracks. The creams enriched with fats, waxes or vegetable oils are key to avoid them , as well as soothing substances and healing such as aloe vera or rosehip.

And, in this case, there is no other solution. Although once again, there is prevention: wear gloves to protect them from cold and housework.