Christies Biggest Flawless Diamond Up for Auction

A pear-shaped gem with a total weight of 101.73 carats, able to enchant its perfection, will be auctioned by Christie’s on 15 May in Geneva.

This is a truly unique event, since, as reveals the history of this fabulous diamond, which has occupied for years the place of the most beautiful diamond in the world, is the first time that ends on the market.

A pear-shaped gem with a total weight of 101.73 carats Christie Diamond is a truly unique

Rahul Kadakia, manager of jewelry at Christie’s in the U.S., says that it is a stone of inestimable value, which, as expected by analysts of the house, will achieve figures never seen before, thanks to the great influx of wealthy collectors for event’s schedule.

This flawless diamond, which you can see in the photo at the top is the result of a tread lasted 21 months after being removed from the mine of Jwaneng in Botswana. The American Institute of Gemology awarded him the degree of color D and a level of Flawless purity.