Birth control pills vs women health

The effectiveness of birth control pills has led to the heights of popularity among females, however, this reputation has also brought many rumors that we clarify today. Claims made about the use of the pill and in many cases are not real, but in others they are.

After taking birth control pills for a long time, it is difficult to get pregnant:

Experts say there is no relation between the use of the pill and infertility problems. Regardless of the time of pill use, leave immediately after you regain your normal hormonal state. Well it is proven that it is a completely reversible method.

Smoking and birth control pills

For women over 35 it becomes more dangerous, as it may increase the risk of a circulatory problem. However, the doctor will decide which is the best option, obviously smoking is not healthy regardless of how old you are.

After taking birth control pills for a long time, it is difficult to get pregnant

If I change birth control, could I become pregnant

Certainly during shifting between a contraceptive and another can occur which is known as a window period in which a pregnancy may occur. It is therefore advisable under medical supervision change happen. Take precautions in this respect will be the best decision.

Drinking alcohol reduces the effect of the pills

Alcohol in high doses is not recommended under any circumstances. But his moderate and responsible consumption no way diminishes the effect of the contraceptive cause in your body. However, consuming both at the same time can reduce or alter the absorption of the pill.

Birth control pills make me climb weight

It is not entirely attributable to weight gain birth control pills. Most women who use them do not have weight gain as long as you keep your eating habits. However, some women may experience weight gain – less than two kilos, in most cases one year after starting treatment, either by fluid retention or increased appetite.