Blusher: user manual according to your skin

The blush is one of the products that is most appreciated in cosmetics and makeup. And it’s like the mascara. With just applying it changes the face and becomes more alive and illuminated. However, it is not always used properly because it does not take into account the tone of the skin or if it is tanned or not, which is one of the most common mistakes at this time of year. Here we give you the keys to get the most out of this product.

The blush is one of the products that is most appreciated in cosmetics and makeup

Tanned skin

When you’re tanned, you usually look good and have a healthy face in and of itself. However, in these cases, it is also possible to use rouge. Practically, all the tones can be used, although those that are clearer than the skin are not recommended . Care must also be taken with all those who are land because they will go unnoticed, which may result in a less favorable effect.

On the contrary, sun dusts are perfect because they enhance the tone of the tan and the features. In this way, they become perfect for summer. In addition, another of its advantages is that they are very easy and convenient to apply.

Clear skins

In the case that the woman has clear skin, the shades of pink or peach are the most suitable in order to be able to illuminate the face in a natural way. However, if you want a more sophisticated result, it is best if the tone is as close as possible to the lips. Also, if you are within this group of women, you should also pay special attention to the texture of the rouge. The best bet is a light product because it makes it more difficult to make mistakes either by excess or defect when giving light to the face.

Face turned off

In those cases in which the dermis is off, you have to choose coral or apricot tones to give it luminosity and look more cheerful. Always avoid pink colors and those too dark. For those more sophisticated styles or for the night, you can choose a blush that has light flashes or golden particles with which you get an extra dose of light.