Boots Musketeers: how to combine and winter footwear

The Musketeers are the boots that reach to the knee or longer, and that is being imposed for several seasons, to get this winter as undisputed queen among women’s footwear options. They are seen in all gateways and increasingly are seen more in the street, unlike other years when only the boldest roads. There’s something for every taste, as are available in different colors, materials, patterns, with different details and heel height or platform. Its versatility allows it to combine with lots of clothes and make appropriate looks for every occasion. Here we guide you on how to take advantage of your boots this winter Musketeers 2012.

Boots Musketeers how to combine and winter footwear

Also known as buccaneers, privateer, and over the knee (the knee), musketeers boots are a real must- season. While specifically benefit women thin and high, are not prohibitive for other body types, provided they know to take them with good taste. The white boots to the thigh, for example, micro minis or accompanied by shorts, type in Pretty Woman Julia Roberts can hardly benefit your image, and even if you only get an enviable legs vulgar style.


Ideally, a balance, for example if you wear these boots, opt for dresses or skirts with flight before the fitting to the body. In this way makes a good contrast of shapes and stress further. Another option is to use them down tight clothes but loose or over size up. A blazer, cardigan, jacket or shirt XXL military, will be enough to play with the volumes on your figure and make a style very cool.

Boots Musketeers how to combine and winter footwear

A style chic and benefits for your legs is to combine boots with leggings or skinny jeans in the same tone, so that the optical effect will be to lengthen the legs. Similarly, for a look at night, you can combine them with shorts or miniskirts, but with thick socks (or even the same leggings), always the same shade. Instead, use the boots with socks or leggings of contrasting colors make you look shorter and wider your thighs and that will create a cross-section (compare the two photos below).


Boots Musketeers how to combine and winter footwear


Minis and use them without socks is reserved for those who have enviable legs. The same applies to the musketeers combined with jeans in contrasting colors (e.g. black boots and jeans worn). It is preferable to combine the light jeans with white boots, camel or gray, and black with dark jeans. However, even if you have spectacular legs, if you choose high heeled boots with little or platform, as these boots alone will make you look taller.