Breast augmentation and postoperative care

After breast augmentation surgery, the doctor puts dressings and drains, which will be removed after a few days, when you have removed the fluid from the wound.
Post surgery care necessary depends on the type of intervention, depending on where they are placed prostheses, the woman has to take some precautions. In case the prostheses are under the muscle, you have to avoid sudden movements of arms, raise them too much and lifting. It is in these cases have discomfort at the ribs and sternum.

When the prosthesis is placed behind the mammary gland, the discomfort is minor, but still must be careful. Not have to lift a weight or raise your arms too, also avoid sudden movements.

To sleep, the first few days it should be done at 45 degree, this is achieved by placing pillows under the mattress or back. Resting thus relieves pain because breasts do not move back to sleep.

Moreover, the surgeon will indicate the days required for curing. After surgery you need to see a specialist to perform the healing and control the status of the breast and remove the drain at the right time.

No need to dip the breasts for a few days, that is until the wound has started to heal and to withdraw the points. Nor should it apply any antiseptic on the scar, with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor is sufficient to prevent infection.

Once the healing time, start with breast massage and ultrasound to prevent the capsule with which surrounds the implant body to contract and cause capsular contracture.

It is important that before any discomfort, swelling, changes in temperature or color of the breast, as in the scar, consult the doctor immediately.