Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

Owner of a beauty erotic and lush, French Bardott Brigitte became one of the most desirable women in the 50’s, 60 and 70. Her figure of angelic-faced teenager, a mixture of innocence and femme fatale, marked a very important time of the film.
Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon
She starred in several films that were filmed at the peak of world cinema and even managed to record several albums as “bad boy” or “Best of BB”.

Her most famous films:

  • The ’71 oil
  • Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

  • Women ’69
  • FĂ©minin Masculin-’66
  • Viva Maria! ’65
  • Contempt ’63
  • If unfortunately ’58
  • And God Created Woman ’56
  • Helen of Troy ’56
  • Frou-Frou ’55
  • The maneuvers of Love ’55
  • This naughty schoolgirl ’56

In the late ’70s, when she turned 40, she decided to leave the world of film and committed to ecology, more specifically to the defense and promotion of the rights of animals. Bardot became an influential activist, created her own foundation for the protection of animals in danger.

Brigitte: undisputed fashion icon
Her sublime beauty and tiny but slender figure represented a very important icon of fashion, still in force today. Her air wild, sensual hyper descontracturar but very quickly conquered the United States. Her charisma, seductive, elegant, feminine and somewhat casual, allowed a lot of versatility to look different trends.
Her dress and hair, her sexy curves and sealed a prominent landmark in the world of fashion is primarily reflected in the trends Hippie Chic, but also in the Folk and Glam.
Her long hair, something wild and still casual imitated today by international fashion collections. The cleavage pronounced, mini-dresses, short skirts and tight, the corsetts, the mini shorts with boots covered towering long as underlining the wide waist belts have a label Bardot Brigitte will continue setting trends in the coming generations.