Care and hydration post peeling with acids

After an acid peel , the skin needs proper care to promote healthy healing and prevent excessive scaling, redness and dryness.

After a chemical peel the dermis is sensitized, and depending on the case, can also display a marked redness for several days. The immediate result is like a sunburn, so you have to give your skin the necessary moisture.

Some acids generate flaking and not others, such as retinoic acid or TCA and mandelic respectively. The one off small and thin sheets of skin is normal, but nevertheless should not scrub or rub to go faster, but deeply moisturize several times a day.

Some acids generate flaking and not others, such as retinoic acid

Depending on the acid , the makeup can start using from the next day or three days of treatment made; although it should be noted that when an acid is generated using scaling up is not the best idea until it has completely peeled.

Another important detail is the sun care. After peeling the skin is sensitive and vulnerable to the sun.
Some acids are more photosensitizers other but in general involve the use of a sunscreen daily plus a moisturizer. Also not to be exposed to the sun, which is why these treatments are recommended for the colder months of the year (except for enzyme peeling).

For night care products cosmetics rich in peptides can be used because they do not cause irritation, but in the case of chemical peels medical specialist may also recommend the use of hydrocortisone cream.

The hygiene of the skin after a peel is normal, with a mild cleansing emulsion, toner and moisturizer.
Where oily skin, do not use lotions or astringents acne products immediately after peeling.

Another important detail is not smoking before or after peeling because it can generate a skin reaction to cigarette smoke, smoking also deprives the dermis of the oxygen it needs to heal.

Finally, and no less momentous, is water. You have to drink lots of water to help the skin to recover and stay well hydrated from the inside out.