Care and specialty products to show legs off without stockings

Nice legs: care and specialty products to show them off

The legs are one of the most attractive parts of the body of every woman. No one can resist a sexy miniskirt. Today I want to leave tips beauty varied to show off your legs to the natural , beautiful and without socks. Takes note of the following products and care!

Depilatory wax:

For perfect results in hair removal is the ideal method. Our advice is that you can choose quality wax to maximize results and skin care. We recommend:

  1. Rosehip waxes
  2. wax Jalf
  3. Dr. Duval wax
  4. Moisturizer:

Hydration is infallible if you intend to look beautiful and moisturized legs. From the classic creams , moisturizing lotions. The oils provide a deeper hydration, we recommend:

  • Argan oil
  • Almond oil
  • Rosehip oil

Nice legs: care and specialty products to show them off
Spray Tanning or full sun:

Instant Tanning Spray is ideal for color and enhance the skin of the legs. If you prefer to do it at home we recommend:

Dior Bronze with sunscreen
It is the healthiest way to look tanned legs while providing hydration. We recommend applying to clean, dry skin for smooth results.


If you like to see your skin firmer legs and reduce localized fat in this area of your body Dior Svelte Body recommend you Desire. This treatment is formulated with Desirectine complex that shapes the contours, enriched with essence of Salicornia fat fighting fiber; besides leave nourished, radiant, firm and smooth.

Creams and lotions enlightening:

If you want to give it some subtle shine or gloss effect to your legs we recommend the following:

Illuminating Cream sun shine Sol Plenary: Enhances tanning and gives the skin a golden hue.
Natura Tododia enlightening blackberry cream and almonds: moisturizes your legs leaving a satiny appearance.
My advice is that you can star leg work with physical activity … there is no beauty that can resist them this way.