Caring, clarify and hydrate the Elbows skin area

In order to be beautiful and glamorous you must take care all parts of your bodies, even those they do not usually paying much attention. An example is the elbow. You may not have noticed the ugly look of a rough and darkened elbows and think that no one really noticed.
Why not start caring for the skin of the elbows to make it look smooth? There are many effective methods to do so and are costly and time consuming. Here are tips for a beautiful and soft elbow.

hydrate the Elbows skin area

The first step is to exfoliate the skin of the elbows. You can use a pumice stone, the same you use for the plant of the feet. However, if this seems too hard, you can try something more natural such as lemon juice with sugar and massaging the elbow area gently. You can also use the products you use to exfoliate the skin of the face to your elbows.

The advantage is that lemon is a powerful bleaching agent so that the skin of your elbows will be lighter than if you had harsh. If you want to clear the skin of the elbows can also use hydrogen peroxide.

After this procedure, you should moisturize the skin on your elbows. You can use a good moisturizer and massage the skin of the elbows so that the cream is well absorbed. If you like only natural, you can use Aloe Vera which has excellent properties for hydration and nutrition of the skin.

Once or twice a month, you make a more intensive treatment for skin care of your elbows. This is to dip for a few minutes in hot water with few drops of almond oil. You will notice immediately as your elbows are smoothed and skin becomes firmer and fresh. After this immersion therapy apply a moisturizer to strengthen the treatment.

Having the soft skin of the elbows is a task that should not stop doing. The same tips that apply to the elbows can be used for the knees, which is also very important that you have smooth skin in that area. Remember that a beautiful woman pays attention to every detail, even those in which no one seems to be fixed. Pay attention to these tips and apply them and you show off your arms and elbows like a true diva.