Carolina Herrera and the Twilight saga: the boom of the wedding dress of Bella Swan

The phenomenon of Twilight Saga covers various areas, and is now revolutionizing the world of fashion, particularly of wedding dresses. And the dress worn by Kristen Stewart, or rather Bella Swan, I do want to give to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is now the most sought after model. Of course, the original design by Carolina Herrera for the film still went on sale and is valued at about $ 35,000, but the imitations and mass produced and sell out like water in the desert. Queries here more details about the wedding dress in the film Bella Swan Breaking Dawn. Part 1, its preparation and how author Stephenie Meyer devised and Carolina Herrera.

Several designs presentatron to  Stephenie Meyer, author of the books Twilight, and it was she who had the last word on what the outfit that the protagonist of the most famous vampire movies of recent years would look at the most important day of her life. The chosen model, designed by the Venezuelan Carolina Herrera, has caused many positive comments that highlight its simple elegance and beauty. As expressed by Meyer:

“Carolina Herrera is my favorite designer, she made the wedding dress. I wanted the dress to be something special, and not something you can see any day. I loved what she did with the design, presented a wonderful concept. It is very similar to what I envisioned but with additional elements.”

Carolina Herrera and the Twilight saga the boom of the wedding dress of Bella Swan

Meanwhile, Carolina Herrera, who presented 10 sketches including the winner was selected, said:

“This dress had to be special, is the past so I thought that the inspiration would come from the twenties but updated. It’s a wedding dress with simple lines, but with a quirky detail in the back at the same time, a little traditional because it is covered with buttons. It is made of crepe satin, which is really seductive, but goes well with your style. The crepe satin is no longer used in general, it is widely used in the twenties, and it’s funny because I used it for the wedding of my daughter Patricia.”


The dress itself was a mystery until the premiere of the film, as even in the progress has not showed himself more than the veil. Once surfaced, the material with which he worked was the last secret revealed: the mentioned crepe satin.

Other features of this design is that it was adorned with 152 buttons and no back and 17 on each sleeve. In addition to the satin, she worked with French Chantilly lace for detail on the back. The cauda is style chapel. Model was devised long sleeves because it was the most popular in the early twentieth century, when no one would think a strapless. The same Carolina Herrera hand made piece, aided by four assistants dressmakers, and it took about six months of work. Of course it was tailor made for Kristen Stewart. The processing time was approximately 6 months.


To complete the look “romantic” Bella Swan, a veil held with a brooch with rhinestones and blue sapphires adorned her hair, combed composed of two strands back together by the veil, with a few strands of hair on the face.


Carolina Herrera announced that the dress will be part of her collection of wedding dresses and next to appear in a few months and it will be available to be purchased in stores CHNY. However, Alfred Angelo store and launched for sale a replica of the dress for the modest price of $ 799.