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Celebrity Hairstyle: Volume At The Roots With Starch Powder

Each time an ever wondered how to make your hair stick with volume at the roots, without it looking rained and crushed. A few touches of baby powder before starting the hairstyle, achieved the volume will double and you look like the celebrities. Indeed, the effect achieved with starch powder makes the hair look slick and sophisticated. It is also ideal for those with small amounts of fine or rained hair.

The first step to wash the hair. It is important during this procedure do not apply conditioner to the roots, but from the middle of the hair down.

Dry the hair with the dryer at a moderate intensity against the hair growth

Once finished with the wash, dry with towel to remove excess water. Always rub gently and without damaging hair.

Then apply a small amount of baby powder or cornstarch. Not to overdo the amount you pour it in your hands. Then massage gently from hair roots and along approximately 5 centimeters, always massaging to be distributed evenly. The usual thing is you want to achieve increased volume in the upper top of the hair and the bangs, try not to over extend yourself this area.

Finally dry the hair with the dryer at a moderate intensity against the hair growth, you will notice how little by little as it dries you get the goal.

If you can finish the look with a brushing in the rest of the hair, to give some waves while it look neat and composed, the best Angelina Jolie style. You can use this trick both collected as loose hair, and is at once, a more than perfect for evening or party hairstyles.

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