How do you make Classic Pin-Up Girl Makeup

Have you struck by the pin up look? Would you like makeup as the beautiful women of yesteryear? Wondering how develops a style pin up makeup? Since it emerged this trend has caught my attention how to get that sensual look and tender at the same time, perfect lips and, of course, all in a very female.

You will be happy to know that it is very difficult to makeup pin up style, the secret is in the form of makeup and apply ourselves to focus on certain points. In fact, it is much easier to follow than many other trends in makeup today.

Wondering how develops a style pin up makeup

Items needed for pin up makeup

Your allies in the process of makeup are basic but very important. Start with the base.
The base must be perfectly applied, it is one that you unify the color of the skin giving a smooth and bright, very characteristic of those 20s makeup.

The pencil or shadow for eyebrows is essential, since in this style of makeup are very sharp and thick, so get the right tone and line your eyebrows.

As for mascara, it is recommended that you use thicker lashes longer, as we will upload as much as possible to give such a dramatic and feminine image.

Also need black eyeliner in either gel or brush, choose one that mark the line perfectly, since this will be the basis of style.

Finally need a good red lipstick. Avoid red light red or orange, you need a red passion, if you decide you can also use eyeliner but the same tone.

How to pin up style makeup

Well, one of my favorite makeup is the trend pin up, since you do not require many elements and still can highlight your beauty, especially if you love trends. Personally and took time outlining my eyes without knowing who belonged to this trend, so I’ll explain briefly the steps to get a basic makeup but representative.

Once you have applied the base line your brows with pencil or shadow. These must be perfect, removes traces of makeup with a cotton swab if you came to get dirty.

Then curl your lashes and line your eyes, the line should be thick enough to protrude from the lid margin and extend it a little beyond where your eye ends with this give the impression of an eye more torn. You can be inspired in the cat’s eye makeup.

Paint your eyelashes focusing on higher layers or rods applied using a mask with lots of volume and preferably with another mask, a very light, which ultimately get the image to use false eyelashes.

Finally apply lipstick, not dissemble or combine with other colors, the idea is to show red and sensual and presto, a quick way to get a look very feminine and fashionable. Do you identify with this style?