Clay masks that will revive your facial skin

Treating your acne with a clay mask is not as simple as walking into

The masks are a very desirable product for facial skin for maintaining the dermis in perfect condition and complement the treatments used in day to day. Among them, the masks of clay are among the best for their properties, especially to detoxify and oxygenate the skin. It is a product for which there are different types, each of them more suitable for treating diseases of the skin possible.

Clay masks why I agree?

Clay masks are one of the products most ancient in the world of beauty. And precisely because their property is still used. Its main benefits generally focus on detoxify and oxygenate the skin, so it is possible to avoid or eliminate impurities and that the face has more brightness.

Treating your acne with a clay mask is not as simple as walking into

To these are added other benefits such as the fact his great ability to exfoliate the skin and helps renew the dermis from within, promoting cell regeneration.

Moreover, these masks are very effective to prevent impurities in the skin and correct, as well as toxins that can accumulate in the face and, in general, tend to clog the pores favoring them appear dilated with the consequence that appear points black or grains.

They are also highly recommended for oily skin , because they have properties to absorb, besides characterized by incorporating substances to the skin revitalizing and re-mineralizing needed by the skin.

From natural face masks to face masks for acne, here are the best face masks you rated at top notch.

There are general benefits that are more or less present depending on the type of clay mask is chosen, being convenient to make the choice according to the needs of each skin, but also taking the rest of its composition to make the most out of treatment.

For example, keep in mind that the masks of white clay are the best placed to remove impurities, while the green clay is more suitable for oily skin. Finally, there are also those of red clay , recommended for sensitive or inflamed skin that often because it has anti-inflammatory properties.