Clothing that becomes transparent with excitement

Whenever strangest things created, that’s for sure. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde created a dress which is able to become transparent when the wearer is in a state of excitement.

This seductive dress is named Intimacy 2.0 and is the result of the relationship between intimacy and technology. The key to their ability to transparency is that the garment meets the heartbeat of the person you saw, a greater number of pulses, greater transparency.

Intimacy 2.0 is a dress made with leather and intelligent films that are opaque to become transparent when they increase the heart rate, in turn incorporates wireless technologies, electronics, LEDs, copper and other materials. The designer calls her dressed as a fashion style called “techno-poetry”.

Intimacy seducing dress

There are two versions of the dress, Intimacy White and Intimacy Black, which, as its name indicates are in white or black respectively.

According to the designer’s own words, the technology used in the garment is not only functional, but also a tool to create intimacy and privacy on a personal level. He added that at present, the technology is becoming increasingly important

Daan Roosegaarde is currently in talks to play a version of this dress that meets the nerves or feelings of shame, something as telltale as the first prototype.

Intimacy 2.0 is on display in China and its creator was awarded the Design Award of this country, one of the most important awards for the category.

Can you imagine wearing these clothes on a first date? I really would not risk it!