Common habits that cause wrinkles and Face aging

While the appearance of wrinkles and its intensity depends on the type of skin and skin care habits, there are other factors that affect it.

In this post I mention what are the habits we usually have and accelerate the aging process and the appearance of fine lines that eventually turn into wrinkles.
Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles-Close-up face of  young pretty woman squeeze skin on forehead

Eye makeup remover

While oils containing these products are often beneficial because they moisturize the skin, apply a strong rubbing can be harmful. The skin around the eyes is thinner than half of the rest of the face, that’s why you have to treat it gently. It is best to leave the eye makeup remover on your eyelids for a few minutes before removing makeup thus not required to scrub the skin off more easily.


The wax warms the skin, causing small cracks and pores are generated to enlarge. On the other hand, the pull causes the skin to stretch and elasticity lead to the limit. It is best to pluck eyebrows and mustache with tweezers or other methods that do not require heat or pulling.

False eyelashes

While false lashes do wonders, the tug to which the skin is subjected when the wrinkles removed can generate long term. To remove the tabs have to use makeup remover, just as you have mentioned in an earlier point .

Contact lenses

Everyone has their way to put contact lenses, but be careful not to overstretch the eyelids, not take too far down or lift eyebrows to prevent future wrinkles.

Do not wear sunglasses

They are essential to protect the skin from the rays of sunshine and also prevent frunzamos brow and generate wrinkles over time. The polarized or mirrored glasses are best work, like those with UV 400, covering about 99% UVA and UVB rays.

No use sunscreen

The need to use sunscreen daily, and never forget to apply in the eye area, even when wearing goggles with FPS. Ideally, an SPF 30 is on.

Sleeping positions

Sleeping on your stomach or side is very bad for the skin and that over time the wrinkles that form to have this position for many hours are marked. Get used to sleeping on your back if you want to retain a more florid complexion and unmarked .