Contour clown makeup fashion trend

In social networks, the contour clown has become a trend with the hashtag

The contour clown is an ancient technique of makeup (with new name) and it has become fashionable thanks to the initiative of the Youtuber BellaDeLune and Instagrammer I makeupby_alo.

They had the idea of creating a video with this technique then give an impressive step up, starting with a clown face with all the letters.

The reason was to send a message to all the people who criticize women who wear makeup with the typical phrase “make themselves up as clowns.”
The girls commented: “Although this amount of makeup or any makeup is not needed at all it is possible to feel and look beautiful. Makeup is fun and is a way to express themselves. ”

In social networks, the contour clown has become a trend with the hashtag

Although there was a video tutorial, women from around the world took it as such, creating their own versions themselves with tremendous results.

In social networks, the contour clown has become a trend with the hashtag #ClownContouring.

Basically, the outline of clown is defined technique and lighting based on an extreme color correction, enhancement and contouring specific areas of the face.

It really is very simple to do, first part of the face clean and moisturized, to apply the first, concealer, foundation, blush and bronzing powder. The key is to play with lights and shadows, as well as get a perfect gone.

Basic guidelines outline clown

Concealer and base must be liquid, and cream blush.
The lighter colors are in the higher regions of the face and the areas that you want to highlight.
The darker color is placed in the jaw, the edges of the front and under the cheekbones.

Everything fades with a latex sponge

Light and dark colors have to be two more than your skin tone.
Remember that every face is different and there are different factors to consider, so you should do your clown contour based on the shape of your face.
The pictures of before and after contour clown constantly up to the networks show the ability of this technique, the results are surprising, and show that the application of makeup is definitely an art form.

I leave a video in Spanish and a photo gallery with different stroke styles clown that many women do, so you see how, with ingenuity and creativity, you can create a striking makeup. Dare to try!