Copper: anti aging key ingredient for beauty

If something did not imagine is that a metal so necessary to transport electricity would also be a great ally for the skin. Numerous investigations realize how beneficial it is for health and how you can join the creams or treatments that we use to stop the passage of time. Copper defuses own signs of age and deal damage from sun exposure and therefore is a new formula that follow the cosmetic houses to develop advanced products.

developed to strengthen the skin elasticity and thus produce a more youthful appearance

Copper is used to mint coins, is present in all wires carrying electricity (it is the best conductor) is part of medical instruments, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, ornaments and even bijouterie among its most frequent uses. But this red and shiny material, which is found naturally in rocks, water, land is also present in some foods. It is essential for the proper functioning of cells and involved in the body’s metabolism to nourish the immune system contributes to the formation of red blood cells, is required for the synthesis of hemoglobin, helps in keeping the blood and nerve vessels, promotes cell renewal and skin stimulation.

Such benefits could also move the body to the skin. It was discovered that one of the biggest boosters of the structure of collagen and elastin (responsible for skin firmness and elasticity), so it is helpful when there are problems of stretch marks, or would like to make treatments to improve complexion, combat treat wrinkles or frown lines on any skin type.

This metal is the new ally of the market for beauty and thanks to its properties are also beginning to use on skin with acne or seborrheic. This is because it was found that antifungal and antimicrobial properties which promotes the healing process of the skin. For this reason it is used both hospitals and medical instruments.

Creams copper

He used ingredient in cosmetic formulas, is harmless and does not affect in any way the skin health and serves equally antiaging, firming and antioxidant treatments, etc. The only factor of care is to avoid the sun during use.

Several creams are already seeing in the market that incorporate skin worn during the day or night creams for dry skin, skin with deep marks stretch marks. Moreover, in most cases combined with other active ingredients such as zinc, vitamins and minerals. It comes from a natural source, and then also part of the organic cosmetics that is as good for the dermis. Creams for the face and body made with copper, and other cosmetic dermatology brands in widespread use, have recently launched the European and US market with great results.

The brand Kiehl’s launched Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream, developed to strengthen the skin elasticity and thus produce a more youthful appearance. Its effective formula combating wrinkles, visible pores and fine lines. Among its main ingredients are Abyssine, Copper PCA and peach kernel oil.

Meanwhile Amodil with his foot cream Pedicure, instantly refreshes and revitalizes tired feet. It contains astringent and antiseptic effect of Green Tea maintaining healthy delicate skin of the feet, silicone creates an efficient barrier to prevent dehydration and copper with organic silicon regulates moisture and cell renewal.

More copper

According to the World Health Organization , adults between 50 and 70 kilos of weight should consume daily 1.0 to 1.4 mg of copper. Thus, it may prevent bone disease, anemia and cell damage. Some foods like white beans, wheat bread, nuts and peanuts have higher contents of this mineral. It should therefore also strengthen the body with the intake of these nutrients because this trace element must be present in our body and certainly one of the most necessary for our health.